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Some of the most common ways to immigrate to Canada


Canada is one of the biggest multi diverse populated countries on the planet. There are people from nearly every nation residing and living together peacefully. Every year many thousands of people file in their immigration application to come to Canada for better living conditions. Canada offers a lot of positive growth opportunities for all immigrants especially students for higher studies. There are many ways and immigration programs through which you can successfully file your immigration. Consulting with the best immigration lawyer in Toronto before filing any application will give you not only assurance, but will help you save hard earned money and time. Some of the most common programs to immigrate are:

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Express Entry: Express entry is the most common way that many students and foreign skilled people try to immigrate to this lovely country. Most students and immigrants are eligible to apply for express entry after they have one year of working experience in Canada. The main aim is to have your profile score above the entry. The new changes has led to an increased number of applicants in recent times.

PNP: Second most common way to get permanent immigration status is to apply for the provincial nominee program of the province you are living in. Provincial nominee program helps you get the immigration status of that particular province which you can later apply for federal immigration.

Sponsorship: Many individuals who come here and get their residency status apply for sponsorship for families. Sponsorship involves a lot of documents stating financial stability. One thing critical about all sponsorship applications is to have sufficient bank balance to support the family members being sponsored.

Business and investor immigration: Another great way for all aspiring businessmen and start up owners is to apply for business immigration. Depending on the type of company and the kind of investment you are making to the Canadian economy, you will be needing the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

Quebec skilled workers and Atlantic pilot programs: The french province of Quebec has their own program for immigration where you can apply as a skilled worker to work in Quebec. The Atlantic program gives opportunity to all the students that are graduating from the provinces of new Brunswick, prince Edward islands, Yukon and nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador

IF you are onlooking for ways to immigrate to Canada, you can easily look for more information in one of these programs. There is also a caregiver program where you can easily migrate to Canada if you provide care for the children or the elderly. Immigration procedures can be very confusing at times and you will need the assistance of a Canadian immigration lawyer. An appointment with the immigration lawyer can easily be booked by calling or emailing. Immigration matters can be very tricky and filing of wrong information could lead to revoke of status and exile of the country. Contact an immigration lawyer now to get full support and guide on immigrating to Canada. Read this article on more info for immigrating to Toronto.