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How BC is inviting immigrants to come to Canada with the help of an Immigration Lawyer in Toronto


British Columbia continues to be a leader in inviting candidates to the province issuing 647 invitations to apply to letters (ITA) on the September 27th draw.  Workers from different fields, entrepreneurs, and international students are now eligible to apply for the British Columbia PNP program after which they can federally apply for their permanent residency.  There are many different streams through which you can apply for your PNP in British Columbia and get your permanent residency. Using the services of a immigration lawyer Toronto is one of the best ways to deal with the trouble involved in the process.


Express entry – Skilled worker

This category is made for the foreign skilled workers who hold a post-secondary diploma or degree and also experience in a professional environment. Any candidate applying must also be eligible under the federal express entry pool. If you application successful under this category, you will receive 600 points and an instant ITA.

Express entry – International Graduate

This category applies for every graduate that has studied in a Canadian University in the past 2 years and not just restricted to students studying in British Columbia.immigration lawyer toronto

Skilled worker – Skills Immigrations

In this category, any person with a post-graduation degree or a working experience can apply but a job offer is required.

International Graduate – Skills Immigrations

This is the category for students who have graduated from a university or college in Canada within 2 years of applying for their BC PNP. All applicants do no need previous working experience but they do require an offer letter from a British Columbia employer.

These are few of the many streams that you can check and see which category you fall into to apply for your BC PNP or PR. In order to deal with the complex documents required, it is always advised that you consult an immigration lawyer Toronto to ensure that you filed for your application successfully the first time. Call now to book your appointment. Read here for more info.